LightForce™ Orthodontics

3-D Printed Custom Braces

Your Best Smile in Half the Time

At Saxe Orthodontics, we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience and make you feel more comfortable throughout treatment. You’re our priority!

We’re proud to offer LightForce braces – the world’s first 3-D printed, custom brackets. These modern brackets are custom-made for each individual tooth and designed to align smiles with increased comfort and precision.

What are LightForce braces?

LightForce technology uses highly-advanced, custom-designed brackets that increase the efficiency of treatment and minimize the need for adjustments. LightForce brackets are 3-D printed specifically for each patient, which improves placement accuracy and reduces treatment time.

These brackets also use indirect bonding trays that eliminate the need for manual bonding and placement to maximize the end result.

The fully digital design of LightForce technology provides our highly-experienced orthodontist, Dr. Saxe, with the ability to make precise adjustments directly on the 3D model and visualize the impact on the end results in real-time.

Lightforce is the first truly-digital system for braces.

Braces just as unique as you!

Unlike traditional braces that are manufactured with a fixed-base shape, LightForce Orthodontics uses state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to create brackets that are just as unique as you!

LightForce brackets are designed with patient comfort in mind. Lightforce materials and custom bases provide the necessary strength to minimize contact with the soft tissues of a patient’s gums and mouth.

How much do LightForce braces cost?

LightForce braces cost a reasonable amount with us! We want you to choose your preferred treatment at an affordable price.

We provide a number of affordable payment options to help you cover the cost of treatment. At your first visit, we’ll work with you to create a financing plan that meets your needs!

Looking for affordable LightForce braces in Summerlin?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We would love to discuss any of our treatments and technologies with you.

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