Many often think of “braces” when they want to straighten their teeth or regain confidence in their smile. But the thought of how much braces will cost isn’t the only thing that can hold those unfamiliar with orthodontics back.

Misconceptions and myths about braces can hold people back too! So, what is true, and what’s just a myth that’s been passed around?

Our team at Saxe Orthodontics is ready to help debunk the top 10 myths about orthodontic treatment!

1. Do braces set off metal detectors?

If you’re a travel bug or concert lover, you’ll be happy to know this myth isn’t true! Braces won’t set off an alarm and cause problems with concert or airport security for you.

The truth is that braces are made of a blend of lightweight metals like titanium and stainless steel (and your wires are made of the same material as well, either fully stainless steel or titanium.) So your braces system will not trigger any metal detectors.

2. Can braces get rusty?

This is another misconception about metal braces! People think of metal and water and automatically assume braces can rust too. But no, braces cannot get rusty for the same reason that they won’t set off metal detectors.

The special blend of metals used to manufacture braces was specifically designed not to rust and to be safe for mouths (even sensitive ones). After all, braces will be in your mouth, a wet, acidic environment!

3. The benefits of orthodontic treatment are only cosmetic

While a beautiful smile is one outcome of orthodontic treatment, the primary focus of orthodontics is to correct misalignments or malocclusions. Common orthodontic conditions such as crowded teeth or overbite can increase your risk of gum disease, cavities, or dentofacial trauma.

So yes you’ll experience an aesthetically pleasing smile at the end of your treatment, but will also find improved bite power, oral hygiene, and more benefits beyond cosmetics.

4. Treatment takes too long

The average orthodontic treatment length is 18 to 36 months. But because every smile is unique and there are many factors that contribute to your specific treatment length. One fun fact about orthodontics is that with today’s treatment options and techniques, the orthodontic treatment process is much quicker than it used to be.

5. Orthodontic treatment is too expensive

Cost is often THE major concern of whether or not you want to start orthodontic treatment, which is understandable. However, many orthodontic offices, like us here at Saxe Orthodontics, accept most major insurance plans and offer flexible financing options to help make orthodontic care more accessible.

6. Orthodontic treatment is only for kids or teens

A common misconception about braces or clear aligner treatment is that it can only be done for younger patients, like kids and teens. However, this is certainly not the case!

In fact, treatment can be beneficial for all ages, from 7 to 99, and according to the American Association of Orthodontists, 1 in 3 orthodontic patients are adults these days.

7. Braces are the only way to straighten your teeth

The world of orthodontics is always advancing and making improvements to orthodontic treatments, technology, and techniques. While braces are the OG orthodontic treatment, other options such as Invisalign or Spark clear aligners are just as effective!

8. Orthodontic treatment is painful

Like any dental procedure, there is some discomfort with orthodontic treatment such braces or clear aligners, especially during the first few days. After all, applying force to your teeth is how tooth movement happens.

But as your body adjusts to these consistent forces from your braces system or aligners, you’ll experience less discomfort and start seeing the results from all your (and your orthodontist’s) hard work.

9. Caring for braces is too hard

Let’s be honest, flossing and brushing with braces can be a bit more time-consuming than removable options like clear aligners. But it’s not nearly as difficult as you may have been led to believe!

Our Saxe Orthodontics team takes the time to guide you through proper brushing techniques and how to floss with your braces. Like any new habit, it may take some time before you master it (and finding the tool that works for you helps!)

10. Orthodontic treatment is only for crooked teeth

While crooked teeth is one of the conditions that orthodontic treatment can fix, orthodontists are trained and experienced in correcting many other orthodontic conditions too! Braces, clear aligners, and/or orthodontic appliances can also address bad bites (like underbite or overbite) or spacing issues.

And if your misalignment is severe, Dr. Saxe works with a team of local oral surgeons and other dental specialists to help you experience healthy, professional results.

Don’t let myths about braces hold you back from your dream smile!

Ready to experience the truth of orthodontic treatment for yourself? Request a complimentary consultation at our orthodontist office in Summerlin, Las Vegas today.