Invisalign® & Clear Aligners

Walk in a room and feel empowered.

We use Invisalign® and Spark™ clear aligners because we’re dedicated to using the latest technologies and treatments in our Las Vegas office. We want your treatment experience to be comfortable, without disrupting your lifestyle. Kids, teens and adults can experience the difference with Invisalign First for Kids, Invisalign for Teens, and Invisalign for Adults.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is clear, affordable, comfortable and convenient. Invisalign clear aligners are ideal for every lifestyle. Here’s why:

Invisalign is Clear
Invisalign is practically-invisible, which means you can smile more during your treatment. No one will know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment—except you, Dr. Saxe, and our team of course…

Invisalign Uses Only High-Quality Materials
If you wonder what Invisalign made of, be assured the SmartTrack materials are BPA-free, BPS-free, gluten-free and latex-free. SmartTrack aligner material is designed to hug your teeth and gums perfectly, without irritation.

Invisalign is Removable
Clear aligners are the only form of removable invisible braces. Take your Invisalign aligners out whenever you want, as long as you keep your aligners in your mouth for at least 20 to 22 hours a day (this is a strict requirement if you want your treatment to be effective).

You can brush and floss your teeth as you would without orthodontic treatment, and eat whatever your heart desires during treatment too!

How to Get Invisalign in Summerlin, Las Vegas

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary consultation for you or your teen. It’s too easy.

Step 2: Your Las Vegas Invisalign process begins with an in-office visit! At your complimentary consultation, we’ll use the iTero® digital scanner to take a digital scan of your smile. This system develops a 3-D impression that we’ll use to create your personalized treatment plan, and decide what type of custom-designed aligners will be best suited for your smile. It only takes a few minutes. No messy goop or impression putty necessary.

Step 3: Receive your first few sets of Invisalign aligners, custom-made for you. You’ll wear each set of aligners for a week to two weeks, then you’ll replace your current set with a new set. All of your aligners are made at the very beginning of your treatment, so your check-in appointments will be a breeze. How long you wear each set of aligners will depend on your personalized treatment plan and your progress throughout your treatment.

Step 4: Visit us every 8 to 10 weeks—depending on your personalized treatment plan—and we’ll assess your progress.

If we need to make any adjustments to your treatment plan, we’ll do this at your check-in appointments. We’ll give you new sets of your aligners as you need them.

There’s also an Invisalign App you can download to monitor your progress at home! This app can help you stay on track and allows you to view your ClinCheck® treatment plan that we develop.

Step 5: Revel in your gorgeous new smile. Trust us—you won’t be able to stop smiling when you see your results. We’re so excited for you to reach this step and experience the incredible results you worked so hard for.

Looking for “Invisalign near me“?

Whether you’ve heard some great Invisalign reviews or seen some beautiful Invisalign before and after photos lately, we’d love to help you experience your “WOW” moment too!

If you’re still wondering, “Is Invisalign worth it?” we’d love to help you decide. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We are an experienced Invisalign orthodontist near you. Ready to begin your journey? Request your complimentary consultation today.


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