Our Brush Monkey Program

At Saxe Orthodontics, patient education is incredibly important to us. We do everything we can to help instill healthy oral hygiene habits in our young patients.

Our Brush Monkey Program began in 2008, when Dr. Saxe was asked to teach her son's first grade class about dental hygiene.

Dr. Saxe nicknamed her son “Monkey”, so it was only right that the presentation was named “Brush Monkey” in his honor. To make the program engaging and interactive for kids, Dr. Saxe came up with a fun idea to dress the kids up as teeth to demonstrate proper brushing techniques.

The kids seemed to really enjoy having snacks stuck to them and brushed off with a giant-sized toothbrush. This program seemed to resonate with the kids, and word about this unique lesson quickly spread.

In a short time, Dr. Saxe was visiting over 20 schools in Clark county, teaching first graders how to brush. Every student is supplied with a brushing kit containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, courtesy of Dr. Saxe.

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The giggles during the presentation and the thank you letters with drawings sent to me afterward are absolutely priceless!

Dr. Saxe

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