It’s a dream come true! The love of your life has just proposed!

You’re floating on cloud 9 as you look through the pictures and videos, your BFF captured of you and your future hubby’s special moment. But suddenly you find yourself wishing you had a smile as beautiful and radiant as your new engagement ring. After all, every bride (and groom) wants to look their best on their wedding day.

You’re in luck if you’re looking to straighten your teeth before your wedding! At Saxe Orthodontics, we have a few comfortable and efficient treatment options to give you that picture-perfect smile on your big day.

Let’s dive in!

Start your treatment now!

The fastest way to straighten your teeth is by taking the first step – scheduling your complimentary orthodontic exam!

Dr. Saxe will perform a comprehensive smile evaluation, which includes: digital x-rays, diagnostic photos, and a visual exam. At your first visit, you’ll meet our friendly team and get a sneak peek of what your smile journey with us would look like.

At Saxe Orthodontics, we use advanced technology and proven techniques to treat you to a comfortable and efficient orthodontic experience – as it should be! That’s part of our own standard of care. After all, why stick to traditional when advancements have the ability to help you achieve your dream smile effortlessly?

So can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Braces are everyone’s first thought when you think of “teeth straightening” or “orthodontic treatment”. While we do offer advanced self-ligating braces for your smile transformation, regular braces may not be your preferred treatment option. After all, the average braces treatment length is about 18 to 24 months and not everyone is comfortable rocking braces in their wedding photos.

But good news! We offer a few discreet alternative treatments for straightening your teeth quickly.

How do I hide my wedding braces?

It’s simple! Just choose a clear braces option like LightForce™ custom braces or Invisalign® clear aligners for your smile journey!

Commit to LightForce braces!

If you’re looking for a more fixed option for your wedding smile makeover, LightForce braces can be a great option for you! While they do have a more “traditional” look for orthodontic treatment, these high-tech braces are anything but old fashioned!

Using cutting-edge software, your LightForce braces are clear brackets that are custom designed for each individual tooth, giving you a more comfortable fit and a discreet look. Plus treatment with LightForce is 40% faster! So you could get your dream smile just in time for your wedding.

Here’s a few more reasons why spouses-to-be love LightForce braces:

  • Less appointments. With LightForce software, your treatment is maximized for efficiency, requiring less adjustments than traditional braces.
  • Easier to clean. Each bracket contours to your teeth making it simpler to clean around each bracket.
  • Faster “braces on” appointment. You can start your treatment quickly because getting your braces on is simple with your custom LightForce bonding tray.

Say “I do” to clear aligners treatment!

Clear aligners like Invisalign and Spark are an incredibly popular choice among brides and grooms for their teeth straightening needs. A series of clear, custom-made trays will apply gentle and consistent force on your teeth, encouraging them to move into healthy alignment. You’ll wear your clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and move onto the next series of aligners every week.

Here’s why many brides and grooms choose clear aligners to get their picture-perfect smile:

  • No food restrictions. You can try all the catering and cake samples as you plan out your magical day with your soon-to-be-life-partner! Just simply remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything besides water and brush your teeth before popping them back in.
  • Practically invisible. Clear aligners are transparent, allowing your budding new smile to shine through without the distraction of brackets and wires.
  • Easy to care for. Clear aligners are removable and allow you to brush and floss as normal.
  • Less check-in appointments. With Invisalign, Dr. Saxe checks in on your smile progress every 12 weeks or so as opposed to adjustments every 8 weeks with braces. Which is great for your busy wedding planning schedule!
  • You’ll see noticeable results by wedding season! With each custom-made tray, you’ll start seeing your smile transform little by little. Many clear aligner patients even start seeing results within the first 6 weeks!

Can I take Invisalign/Spark out for a wedding?

Like we mentioned before, clear aligners are practically-invisible so it’s difficult to tell if you’re wearing an orthodontic appliance. If you’re worried about your aligners showing in photos, it’s ok to take them out for your wedding close-ups. Just log that time in your clear aligner monitoring app so you can keep track of your wear time for that day.

Can you see Invisalign/Spark attachments in pictures? Clear aligner attachments may be visible if you take close-ups of your wedding makeup or hairstyle. But this is an easy fix! Talk to Dr. Saxe about removing your attachments totally for your big day and honeymoon period. We’re happy to put your treatment on a temporary pause so you can enjoy your special day to the fullest!

What about whitening my teeth before my wedding?

Yes, you can whiten your teeth before your wedding! No matter if you’re in the middle of clear aligners treatment or just finished your last tray, you can safely whiten your teeth with us.

Our orthodontists can recommend a professional whitening take-home kit that fits your smile needs. This allows you to whiten your teeth on your own time and gives you professional whitening results just in time for your upcoming nuptials.

Get the smile of your dreams for your dream day!

Our Saxe Ortho team understands your dreams of having a bright, beautiful smile for your wedding day and we’d love to meet you!

Ready to start your wedding smile makeover? Request a complimentary exam for you or your partner today at our orthodontist office in Summerlin, Las Vegas!