So your teen came home from school one day and said, “Mom, Dad, I think I want Invisalign!” Or maybe your teen just visited the dentist, who told you it may be time to visit an orthodontist. Either way, now you’re considering Invisalign treatment in Las Vegas, but how do you know if it’s the right choice?

Here are 3 things to consider when deciding if Invisalign is right for your teen.

Is your teen looking for a virtually invisible treatment?

Some teens enjoy the look of traditional metal braces, while others prefer a more discreet treatment option. We think both are cool! It really comes down to preference when deciding between Invisalign vs braces for teenagers.

When your teen is wearing Invisalign, hardly anyone will know that they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is custom-made to fit your teen’s unique smile, so they can go about their social lives, head to school, perform on stage, or play sports (your teen should remove their aligners and replace them with a mouthguard during sports). Whatever their day holds, Invisalign adjusts to it.

Does your teen have a common orthodontic problem?

It can be difficult to determine this on your own, which is why we’re here! We provide complimentary orthodontic exams to our community, because we want your first visit to be no risk and no obligation.

If you notice any common orthodontic problems when your child smiles, we encourage you to schedule your visit.

With Invisalign for teens, we can treat the following conditions:

  • Malocclusions (overbite, underbite, cross bite, open bite)
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth
  • Lack of confidence when smiling

Is your teen prepared for the responsibility?

We like to be transparent about the pros and cons of Invisalign. We want your orthodontic treatment to be practical for your lifestyle, because that’s how we achieve the best results.

Your teen will have to practice some diligence with Invisalign, as their aligners can be removed whenever they want throughout the day. It’s important that your teen wears their aligners for at least 20 hours a day for the treatment to be effective.

This is one of the major differences with Invisalign vs braces for teenagers. Invisalign is a great opportunity for your teen to practice responsibility and commitment, but if they’re not up to the challenge we may suggest braces as their recommended treatment. Braces are bonded to the teeth and can’t be taken off throughout their treatment.

Being able to remove their Invisalign aligners can also be seen as a benefit of Invisalign. Your teen can remove their aligners to eat their favorite foods (nothing is off the table) and to brush and floss their teeth. At your complimentary consultation, Dr. Saxe or Dr. Drowley will discuss the pros and cons of Invisalign and braces for your teen so that you can make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

If your teen is interested in orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to visit us for a complimentary exam. This is the most accurate way to determine if your teen could benefit from or is in need of orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign also offers a smile simulation tool that your teen can access on their smartphone to see a preview of their end results before they even begin treatment. Just snap a pic of your smile and the simulator does the work for you!

Still have questions about Invisalign for teens?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! We’ll also tell you everything you need to know when you visit us for your complimentary consultation. Our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Saxe and Dr. Drowley, are here for you and your family every step of the way.