Orthodontics is more than braces… more than a ‘teeth straightening’ system… and more than an occupation to us.

Orthodontic treatment can mean braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, or orthodontic appliances. It can make the difference between restful sleep and groggy sleep, easy breathing and strained breathing—and hiding your smile and loving your smile.

To us, orthodontics also means serving our community by providing the highest quality of care in Las Vegas, staying involved with our local schools and educating the youngest members of our communities on proper oral hygiene care.

In a literal sense and metaphorical sense, orthodontics is more than just braces.

Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Although braces are still a cool option, they aren’t your only option. Kids, teens and adults can choose from advanced self-ligating braces and traditional metal braces as their path to a beautiful, radiant smile.

Teens and adults can also choose clear aligner treatment with us! Our experienced orthodontists, Dr. Saxe and Dr. Drowley, transform smiles everyday with Invisalign clear aligners, ClearCorrect, Ormco Spark, and 3M Clarity Aligners. It’s important to us that we provide options for our patients.

We also create treatment plans with various orthodontic appliances to improve the efficiency of treatment and guide proper development of the teeth and jaws in growing mouths.

Orthodontics isn’t just braces. We promise.

More Than Straight Teeth

It’s not just about ‘straight teeth’; it’s about living your best life, breathing your easiest and waking up as the happiest you. Believe it or not, braces can impact all of these virtual functions.

So, what is orthodontics if it’s not just ‘straight teeth’? As defined by the American Dental Association, “Orthodontics is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, interception, guidance and correction of bad bites. The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite—straight teeth that properly meet opposing teeth in the opposite jaw.”

Ortho treatment is focused on improving the position of the jaw bones and of individual teeth to improve a person’s quality of life—not just their smile.

Think of ‘straight teeth’ as the tip of the iceberg. Below the tip of the iceberg is the foundational jawbone supporting those beautiful soon-to-be-straight teeth.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

First of all, orthodontic treatments can improve your breathing easability—and what’s more important than breathing? I mean, really…

When the teeth are all aligned in a healthy row, and the top jaw bone is properly aligned with the bottom jaw bone, things get a lot easier. Breathing is easier; sleep quality improves; speech improves; chewing and biting is more comfortable and digestion is smoother.

With a narrow palate or upper jaw bone, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, bite misalignments, and other common orthodontic problems, the airways can be obstructed, causing mouth-breathing, and in more severe cases, sleep apnea or strained breathing.

With ideal orthodontic alignment, oxygen is free to flow through the mouth. Braces (or clear aligners) can properly widen the airways, gradually and gently moving the teeth and jaw bones into alignment. Once the teeth are aligned and no teeth are blocking the oxygen as it travels through, breathing is unobstructed and this process is much easier.

Healthy teeth and jaw bones make it easier to maintain strong oral hygiene, to breathe easily, chew comfortably, and sleep soundly. You may be surprised just how big of an impact your dental alignment can have on your quality of life.

We Go Beyond Orthodontics

Not only is orthodontic care ‘more than braces’ to our patients who improve their quality of life with treatment, but it’s ‘more than braces’ to our orthodontists and our team too.

Our community truly means everything to us! Both Dr. Saxe and Dr. Drowley are proud moms who believe in supporting other moms, respecting parents’ feedback and wishes, and prioritizing what’s best for the children.

We go beyond orthodontics to serve our community, give back to the children and parents in our area, and empower our neighbors!

Still have questions about orthodontics?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Our friendly team loves to hear from you!

Ready to start living your best life? Find out what orthodontic treatment with our experienced orthodontists can do for you in Las Vegas. Request a complimentary exam for you or your child to take the first step!

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