There are plenty of myths that circulate around braces. People tend to draw conclusions and feel apprehensive about the unknown. It’s only natural! Some braces myths are fun, but others can be wrongfully discouraging for people who are on the fence about braces.

We think you’ll be relieved to know that the reality of braces is so much more pleasant than the myths! We’re here to debunk 5 popular myths about braces, so you can stop fearing and start getting excited about your journey to a beautiful new smile.

Myth #1: Braces increase your chances of getting struck by lightning.

We think you’ll be excited to know that braces don’t increase your chances of getting struck by lightning in the slightest. Simply put, your braces aren’t lightning rods and they aren’t magnetic.

What are braces made of? Braces are made of high-grade metal alloys, which includes metals and nonmetals. Your chances of getting struck by lightning are 1 in 700,000, with or without your orthodontic treatment.

“Height, pointy shape, and isolation are the dominant factors controlling where a lightning bolt will strike. The presence of metal makes absolutely no difference on where lightning strikes” (National Weather Service).

Myth #2: Braces can pick up radio signals.

This is one of the more harmless myths about braces, because who wouldn’t want a radio built into their smile?! Having all of your favorite songs at the touch of a bracket? Sounds pretty convenient.

So, can braces pick up radio signals? No, although your rubber band hooks may resemble antennas slightly, the only way you’ll blare music from your mouth is if you belt it out yourself.

Myth #3: Braces can rust in the shower and in swimming pools.

Can you imagine your braces rusting? How terrifying! Luckily, this is a myth. Your braces will not rust as long as you visit a professional for your orthodontic treatment—like us! Metal braces are made of stainless steel and similar non-corrosive materials, so you’ll never have to worry about rusty braces.

Swim to your heart’s content and take all the showers you want! You don’t have to worry about your orthodontic treatment.

Myth #4: Braces will get stuck when you kiss someone.

Good news! Braces are not magnetic—they won’t get stuck while kissing. They aren’t even slightly magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about your braces magnetizing your date’s braces. The chances of your braces converging with your date’s braces are pretty low!

You won’t magnetize to your partner’s smile and end up in an awkward mess of intertwined wires and brackets.

Myth #5: To transform your smile, you need brackets and wires.

Not true! While traditional braces and advanced self-ligating braces are a great option for anyone, we understand that they’re not for everyone. Everyone has different preferences! That’s why we offer Invisalign® clear aligner treatment for teens and adults.

Invisalign uses a series of custom-made, high-quality clear aligners to move your teeth closer to the desired end position with each set. This means you can take out your aligners as you need throughout your orthodontic treatment; they aren’t bonded to your teeth like braces.

You can still eat your favorite foods without worry of breaking a bracket or loosening a wire, and you don’t have to adjust your oral hygiene routine. The truth about braces is—you don’t have to choose braces! We’re proud to provide options for our unique patients.

Have questions about braces myths?

No, your braces won’t attract lightning. They aren’t magnetic; they won’t get stuck when you kiss your partner. And no, they aren’t your only option!

If you have any more questions about orthodontic treatment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time!

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