Saxe Orthodontics
Saxe Orthodontics

Meet the Team!

Stacey, Treatment & Financial Coordinator

Stacey is our Patient Coordinator and has been in Orthodontics since 2003. You will meet her at your first visit with us! She knew Orthodontics was her passion even back when she had her braces on as a kid! Stacey has experience in both chairside assisting and patient care. She now enjoys helping patients get started with Ortho by assisting Dr. Saxe with our initial consultations and helping you learn all things Ortho! Stacey is originally from Oregon and moved to Nevada to spend more time with family. In her off time, Stacey enjoys exploring new adventures with her husband Nick, her son Aiden and their two hyper pups, Rico and Roxi!

Leilani, Ortho Assistant

Leilani has over 23 years of experience in orthodontics. Needless to say, she knows her stuff! She is not technically Hawaiian, even though her name, long hair and HULA hooping skills would indicate otherwise. Its confusing really, because she also possesses the calmness and spirit of the ocean. Aloha! Leilani from Wisconsin.

Kassie, Ortho Assistant

Kassie is a military wife and originally from Washington. She thinks 70 degrees is Hot!!!! She is the youngster of our office. You will recognize her because she has the peppiest step around. When she is not working with patients, she is either giggling, or talking about cats.

Gail, Scheduling Coordinator

Gail will greet you with her twinkling show biz smile! Before she joined our team she was a professional dancer for 25 years. Her balance and coordination while answering the phone are truly applause worthy. Thanks to her, the entire team is a little more graceful. Gail is happy to schedule you an appointment at...a 5, 6, 7, 8.