Saxe Orthodontics
Saxe Orthodontics

Patient Emergencies

Rarely is there a true "emergency" in orthodontics. There are definite problems or mishaps that occur that can be temporarily solved at home until a repair appointment (during normal office hours) can be made. The following problems usually can be treated with at-home care until a repair appointment can be made.

Loose Bracket

If the bracket is still attached to the archwire, place a pillow of wax on any uncomfortable areas. If bracket is completely off, bring with you to your repair appointment.

Loose Band

If the band is still attached to the archwire or to an appliance and the band just feels a little wobbly - leave it in place. If the band can be completely removed from your tooth, leave it off and bring it to your repair appointment.

Loose Archwire

Try to place the wire back in the bracket or tube using clean fingers or tweezers. If unsuccessful, simply clip the loose section of the wire off with a clean pair of nail clippers.

Poking wire

Push a poking wire away from your cheek or gums with a pencil eraser. Placing a small pillow of wax over the sharp area eases discomfort.

Broken Power Chain

This should be fixed within a few days after it occurs. If you are wearing rubber bands, STOP until your power chain is repaired. If this is irritating your cheek, cover with wax to ease discomfort.


Frequent warm salt water rinses (1 cup water, ¼ tsp. salt) along with Tylenol or Advil as prescribed for your weight and age reduces soreness. Some discomfort is normal for up to 10 days.

How to Apply Wax