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Brushing Your Teeth

Excellent oral hygiene is a critical aspect of orthodontic treatment. At Saxe Orthodontics we set our patients up for success! We have partnered with Crest and Oral-B to offer a comprehensive oral hygiene education and grading system with our Ortho Essentials program. They day your braces are placed; you will receive your COMPLIMENTARY Ortho Essentials Kit and become a member of our hygiene program.

Oral B Pro Health Spin Tooth Brush

Pro-Health System
  • Oral B orthodontic bush heads
  • Oral B interproximal brush head
  • Smart Guide (TM) which provides visual guidance and timing to promote proper brushing
  • Provides protection against plaque bacteria that causes gingivitis

Crest Pro Health Complete Rinse

Alcohol free, anti-cavity fluoride rinse protects and strengthens enamel for a healthier mouth.

Oral B Super floss

  • Ideal for braces with a stiff end to thread under the archwire.

The Ortho Essentials kit comes with an easy to follow 5-level rating system that illustrates poor to excellent oral hygiene. At each office visit, we use this system to coach our patients to optimal brushing and oral health.

Crest Oral B Hygiene Chart

Brush your teeth 3 times a day!

  • Before school
  • After school
  • At night before you go to bed

This is how to brush with all that metal on your teeth!

  1. Put toothpaste on your toothbrush the length of the bristles
  2. Brush the area between your gum line and the brackets
  3. Brush the front surface of the brackets and your teeth
  4. Brush the edges of your teeth and the other side of the bracket
  5. Brush the tongue side of your teeth
  6. Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth

*It should take about 2 minutes to properly brush your teeth.


  • Super floss is included in your Hygiene kit.
  • Use the stiff end to thread under the archwire.
  • Floss in between each of your teeth.
  • Start with your back tooth on the right side and systematically work to the left side then move to the other jaw and do the same.

WARNING: Poor Oral hygiene results in white scars on the surfaces of teeth and cavities. It is up to YOU (not your Mom, Dad, Grandparents, baby sitter, siblings, best friend or pet) to care for your beautiful teeth.

You can do it!