Saxe Orthodontics
Saxe Orthodontics

Types of Appliances

Separators are small doughnut shaped (blue) rubber bands used to create space between teeth to allow us to fit the metal bands around your teeth at the next appointment. The bands are then sent to the lab and become part of your custom made orthodontic appliance.

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE) This appliance widens the roof of your mouth by gently separating the suture in the center of your palate. This is done to expand the upper jaw for a proper fit with the lower jaw, and/or to make room for crowded teeth. It usually takes about two to four weeks to achieve the desired expansion. The appliance, however, remains in place 6 months longer while the new bone fills into your expanded arch.

Bonded RPE is an alternative to the banded design, this fixed expander is made of acrylic and covers the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The posterior bite blocks free up the occlusion removing cuspal interferences.

Lower Lingual Arch is frequently used as a space maintainer for the lower erupting permanent teeth. This orthodontic appliance attaches to the 6 year molars lower with an archwire adapted to the lingual side of the lower teeth.

Tongue Habit Appliance is for treating patients who have a tongue thrust swallowing pattern. This appliance guides the tongue up into a proper position in the mouth when swallowing. It also helps to discourage thumb sucking. If left untreated, both of these mouth habits can cause protruding front teeth, narrow palate, mouth breathing, and crossbite.

Spring aligner is very effective in aligning slightly to moderately crowded front teeth. It is made of acrylic and wire and looks similar to a Hawley retainer. Spring aligners are active appliances that are designed to move teeth. The teeth are aligned rapidly if the appliance is worn full time. When the teeth are properly aligned the appliance may be used as a retainer by wearing it part-time.

Bite Turbos are placed on patients that have upper and lower teeth that overlap too far vertically, in what we call a deep over bite. Bite turbos keep your upper and lower teeth slightly separated, allowing the back teeth to erupt for permanent overbite correction.

Forsus is a fixed appliance designed to encourage the growth of the lower jaw in a forward direction and the upper jaw in a backwards direction. This appliance is worn with a full set of braces and its purpose is to correct jaw discrepancies, overjet, and to ensure that the upper and lower teeth fit together properly.

Elastics (rubber bands) are placed to align one arch to another. Wearing your elastics as instructed will help you finish orthodontic treatment within the estimated treatment time. Not wearing the elastics will extend the treatment and compromise the result!