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Indirect Bonding Procedure

We use a more accurate and efficient way of placing braces on the teeth called indirect bonding. This method reduces the time the patient has to sit in the chair with their mouth open during initial bonding. It also reduces the need to reposition brackets and can reduce overall treatment time.

Soft tissue laser

Dr. Saxe has a soft tissue laser that allows her to expose gingival tissue covered teeth in order to place braces on sooner and speed up treatment. The laser is also great for reducing over grown gums to enhance the gum line after braces are removed.

Bite Splint

A bite splint is an acrylic tray that is worn during the day or at night, preventing the teeth on top from coming in contact with the teeth on the bottom. It is a supporting appliance for people who suffer from bruxism or TMJ problems.This appliance is custom-made from an impression of the teeth in order to optimize comfort and retention. Bite splints can make a world of difference for bruxing and grinding patients, alleviating pain and preventing further destruction of existing healthy dentition.

Dental Concierge

To ensure your dental health, our front office staff will coordinate your routine dental cleaning and restorative procedures with your orthodontic appointments. We encourage our patients to have their wires removed before their hygiene appointments for a more thorough cleaning. After your dental appointment, we will get you right back into our office, wires in, and on your way!